Live Two-Way Voice Free With SCPS

With SCPS live two-way voice security is FREE in every system! Other home security companies view live two-way voice as an upgraded feature and will charge more for it, sometimes as much as $80/month! With SCPS monitoring start at just $25/month! All of SCPS’s home security products can be tailored to your needs; available customization features include panic buttons, additional motion detectors, smoke detectors, etc.

2-Way Voice Communication Systems




  • State-Of-The-Art Home Security With SCPS


    SCPS, the most trusted name in home security, is dedicated to providing its customers unmatched security with the most advanced technologies available. Only with SCPS do you get the most effective method of security, live two-way voice, free in every system! Live two-way voice provides fast communication between your home and our state of the art central station once your alarm is triggered. It has been proven that live two-way voice is the best method of home protection and is the reason why SCPS secures over 150,000 people across North America.


    Help is Always There with Live Two-Way Voice Security


    In the case of a break-in, our live two-way voice technology alerts our certified central station operators, who then establish a live audio link between them and your house. This advanced wireless alarm system allows our operators to assess any emergency situation occurring and voice threaten the intruder that the authorities are actually on their way! Live two-way voice is ideal, since it lets us understand any situation, whether a burglary, home invasion or medical emergency is occurring and then deal with the situation instantly and effectively, giving you the ultimate in peace of mind.



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    And With SCPS There’s More…


    SCPS offers some fantastic equipment to enhance your system. Some of the peripherals you can add to your SCPS home alarm system include monitored smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, high and low temperature sensors and portable key fobs which allow you to arm and disarm your system remotely. We offer other services as well, so when you call your SCPS Sales Representative will be more than happy to give you details on all of these pieces of equipment and more.









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